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Professional Electric Pet Nail Grinder - Safe and Easy to Use

Professional Electric Pet Nail Grinder - Safe and Easy to Use

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This electric nail grinder for pets is made of durable ABS material and comes in two sleek designs: a cylindrical white version and an oval purple version. The compact size of 14.2x5cm makes it easy to handle and use on your pet's nails. The grinder quickly and efficiently trims and smooths nails with minimal noise, ensuring a pain-free experience for your furry friend. The powerful motor and precision filing wheel make quick work of even the thickest nails, while the safety guard prevents over-trimming. This electric nail grinder is the perfect tool for maintaining your pet's nail hygiene, and is suitable for all types of pets.


Product information:
Material: ABS
Size: 14.2x5cm
Product classification: other cleaning and beauty products
Specification: cylindrical white, oval purple

Features: low noise, efficient and safe grinding, portable and easy to use, suitable for all kinds of pets.

Function: trims and files pet nails for a smooth finish, reducing the risk of accidental scratches and painful tears.

Note: The product requires charging before use, and it's recommended to use it on pets that are comfortable with nail trimming.

Packing list:
Nail sharpener+charging line+manual X1PCS

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